Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gaming is fine

That's in response to this article and people trying to classify gaming as an addiction.

I'm glad we are taking the observations of a 14 year-old as gospel. Spending five hours a day gaming is no different than spending 5 hours a day watching TV, knitting, or playing golf.

Gaming is a relatively new phenomenon and when people, particularly old people, are confronted with something they don't understand, they panic. That's what is happening here.

Hell you might even make the argument spending the time in a virtual world is better than spending it in this shitty fake real world we live in. At least online people are interesting.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Oregon speeders

Speeding doesn't bother me under a lot of circumstances. People going over 100+ mph on freeways I share with them does.

These people are all over the age of 25. Over the age of 25! And they still think something as idiotic as going 105 mph on the freeway is no big deal. That tells me there's a problem.

Rick Hilton is an asshole

That's in response to this story:

In a sense I suppose you have to feel sorry for her, she never had a chance with two such stupid parents.